$30 / hour or
two sessions
per week for $50,
paid in advance.


Parent conferences are encouraged.

Call BartlesTutor Ann Cleary for one-on-one
individualized help with college test prep.

Any student (tutored or not) benefits from working with practice exams. Practice won't make perfect, but it will help improve your score. I use current books, software, timed exercises and original individualized worksheets.

Tutoring sessions include:

Reading Comprehension: Intense collaborative close reading of questions and text selections. This is the heart of the tutoring process. Learn the different strategies for answering questions on main ideas, inference, tone & attitude, vocabulary in context, specific details, technical terms.

Grammar: Subject and verb agreement; adjectives and adverbs; verb formation; idioms and pronouns.

Punctuation: Proper use of commas, semicolons, colons, dashes, hyphens, apostrophes, exclamation and question marks.

Sentence Structure & Rhetoric: Dependent and independent clauses; parallelism; sentence fragments; comma splices and fused sentences.

Analogies: Basic types of analogy problems, word relationships, vocabulary and etymologies, cautions and tips.

Sentence Completion: Review of common types of completion questions, contrast & comparison signals, connectors, and double blank sentences.

Writing Strategies: Organization, tone and style.

Test Strategies: Since these exams test your test-taking skills and not your intelligence(s), strategies can improve your score. Learn how to identify options and solve questions faster, make intelligent guesses, and analyze problems so you don't get lured into wrong answers.



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email: BartlesTutor@aol.com



For more information on college test preparation, check out the resources available from school counselors, the library and online.


-BA, History and English; Southwest Missouri State University.
-MA, Rhetoric and Writing; completion of doctoral course work in English, U. of Tulsa.
-99th percentile in verbal section, GRE (Graduate Record Exam).
-Former fulltime certified Bartlesville classroom teacher in English and Social Studies, eight years.
-Part-time instructor in composition, business English, and literature at Tulsa Community College and Rogers State University, seven years; graduate teaching assistant at University of Tulsa, five years.
-Published in Dictionary of Literary Biography, various journals and magazines.
-Grand prize winner, 2002 Bartlesville Library writing contest; first place in non-fiction and poetry.

For math and science test prep, please contact Gordon Stallings, M.S.E.E., 333-7390.