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Bartlesville Women's Network

Taproots is the Transcription of the Oral History Project of Bartlesville Women's Network. In Taproots we have published interviews with dozens of outstanding Bartlesville women.

Our interviewees include many women you may already know. We've interviewed teachers, scientists, homemakers, and politicians: women who have in some way made a difference, in Bartlesville and beyond. You probably have no idea all the great things they've been up to!

So read Taproots . . . and discover a new perspective on Bartlesville history.

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Joanne Bennett

Betty Rausch Frey

Lois Straight Johnson

Mary Nan Meade

Mary Helen "Fiskie" Robertson

Helen Lamar Todd

Mildred Carr

Ruth Clark

Della Craighead

Odie McReynolds

Virginia Shipman

Lela Weirich

Ruth Brush

Lucille Endacott

Vivian Hatter

Eythel Loveland

Addie Maude Murrah

Marjorie O'Shaughnessy

Virginia Neely Sweet

Ruby Cranor

Margaret Hachmuth

Virginia Hubbell

Mary Crow Milligan

Barbara Tillman

Linda Walker

Bettye Williams

Bernice C. Brown

Pansy Durrill

Harriet Guthrie

Dody Henderson

B.J. Johnston

Pauline Kenton

Mildred Reusser

Corinne Chambers

Betty Dalrymple,

Dortha Dunlap

Charlotte Lyke

Helen Pittman

Carolyn Price

Gertrude Sousa

Diane Young


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and by mail from Bartlesville Women's Network.

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Taproots Volume 4 $10.00
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Taproots Volume 6 $10.00
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Nominate an interviewee by telling us about a Bartlesville woman you know who has made a difference